70-30 Report

For Illinois state compliance, each section at a school can have at max 30% IEP enrollment, unless the section is specifically for IEP students. When schedules have been set, the 70-30 report must be run by the Data Specialist in order to identify sections with greater than 30% IEP so that schedules can be adjusted as necessary

  1. Open the reports.glenbard.org/gbreports
  2. Click on IEP Class Percentages
  3. The page will reload with options for running the report.
    1. In the Select School drop-down, click on your school.
    2. Click on the Classes Over 30% radio button.
    3. Click the View button.
  4. When the report loads, click the link called Click to export
  5. Open the exported dataset in Excel.  The following fields will be found on the export:
    1. School (Name of your school)
    2. Room (room number class is being taught in)
    3. Period (period class is being taught)
    4. Room IEP (number of students with IEP in room)
    5. Room Non-IEP (number of regular ed students in room)
    6. Room total (total number of students in room)
    7. Room Percentage (ratio of IEP to regular by room)
    8. Course Number (master schedule number for the course)
    9. Course Name (course title)
    10. Section Number (course section number)
    11. Teacher Last name (Last name)
    12. Teachers First Name (First name)
    13. Dept (department where course is taught)
    14. IEP (Individual Education Plan by section- number of students with IEP Plan)
    15. Non-IEP (number of regular ed students by section)
    16. Total (total number of students by section)
    17. Percent (percent of students by section)
  6. Sort by percent (Column Q)
  7. Course that end in 51, 52, 61, 62, 71, 72 can be deleted
    1. These are all special ed classes and will be at 100% because all students enrolled will have an IEP. These classes should have zero in the Non-IEP columns
    2. In Excel, apply a custom sort to column H of “Ends with 51” and delete the resulting rows.
    3. Repeat step 7b using 52, 61, 52, 71, & 72
  8. The remaing list of sections will be sections that need to be adjusting.
  9. You will need to assign some of IEP students in classes over 30% to sections under 30%.
  10. When all courses have been adjusting to meet compliance, rerun the 70-30 report to confirm the corrections.

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