Summer Versatrans / Student and Staff ID cards

This process identifies the steps to close the transportation process for one year and begin a new school year.  After bus routes and stops have been completed and updated in Versatrans /Powerschool the export for student ID cards is submitted to Lifetouch.

Cindy Tesnow                June     ISBE Transportation Claim to Business office for completed school year
Beth Dolan & Bus company                by July 1-        Verify that new school year data file has been added to
John Jameson      July  1 -Student file  upload to Versatrans (all active and pre-registered students)
                                                                      (after powerschool rollover grades 9-12)
Cindy Tesnow                  July         Clear previous year bus routes/stops in Powerschool.
                                                                       Archive claim data from previous year.
Beth Dolan & Bus company  July      Make sure all possible addresses are
                                                                                   located and routing is complete in Versatrans.
Cindy Tesnow                July      Update Powerschool with Versatrans route/stop data and Lunch period/prep for student ID cards
Cindy Tesnow                July      Create 4 school export files (all active students) AND PRE-reg                                                                             students for Life
                                                                          Touch-Use ‘Lifetouch for IDS’ template in PS.  For Student IDs
John Jameson/Cindy Tesnow   July   John prepare the staff files, Cindy upload to lifetouch
Cindy Tesnow                 July      Check PS custom schedule report for correct
Cindy Tesnow                    July    Verify routes against VT.
Cindy Tesnow                   July     Notify business office /data spec/APO when complete.
Data services                     Aug      Begin Powerschool to Versatrans upload schedule for new year
Cindy Tesnow                  Aug        Begin Versatrans to Powerschool upload schedule for new year

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