AirPlay Troubleshooting

To connect your iPad to another device instructions are below.

It is best practice to start fresh with AirServer when experiencing any issues. 

“When you are experiencing issues with AirServer, it is good practice to quit AirServer in order to start troubleshooting from the beginning.”

**As per our new policy AirServer is no longer set to ‘Launch at Startup’. Please only run AirServer when you need to and quit when you are finished.**

AirServer Instructions

  – Start AirServer (Quit the application if it is already running). The icon will show in the top toolbar, or a light will be under the icon on the dock when AirServer is running.

AirServer - Destkop


– turn Wireless off (fan icon in the pull-up menu on iPad)


AirServer - WiFi

– wait 5 seconds (or until the AirPlay option disappears) and turn Wireless back on.

– select your classroom from the AirPlay list and toggle/switch ‘mirroring’ to ‘on’

AirServer - List

– Next, on the iMac, click to allow the connection

AirServer - Ask me

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