Accessing “Air Glenbard” WiFi Network

Click on the link below to register your device for access to the Glenbard Network.

*This system uses your PowerSchool password.*


Note: The “Air Glenbard” Network is for Glenbard’s staff and student PowerSchool accounts only. (If you do not have an account you will not be able to access this WiFi network.)

First, be sure that you have selected the “Air Glenbard” WiFi network from your device.


To register you will begin by opening a web browser.

When you first try to access the internet from an unregistered device you will be brought to a screen like the one below to complete your registration.

Air Glenbard Registration

After you have read the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) you will need to fill in the required fields using your Glenbard PowerSchool username and password.

Air Glenbard Fields


You will then be directed to a screen showing the connection status (it may look different on some devices).

Air Glenbard Access


Once registered, the device will be permitted to use the network for the duration of the school year.



Please follow the on screen directions should any of the following messages appear:


Incorrect user name or password:


You must provide the system with your correct information to join the network.  This is case sensitive and must be entered correctly to join the network.


Restart Your Device:

Some devices may be required to restart in order to have the network settings adjusted.
This is always something that you should consider attempting before contacting support for assistance. 

If this message continues you may need to contact your Building Technician and provide them with the IP address and MAC address that is displayed under this image.

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