Staff Accessing “Air Glenbard” Network

To register your device to access to the Glenbard Network.

*This system uses your PowerSchool credentials.*

First, be sure that you have selected to connect to the “Air Glenbard” network.

When “Air Glenbard” is selected, there will be a pop-up prompting you to select Username/password login:

You will then be brought to the Acceptable Use of Technology Policy page:Tech Use Policy Pop Up

Scroll down to Accept the Terms:

Fill in the required fields with your PowerSchool username and password:

You will be brought to a screen similar to the one below notifying you that Wi-Fi access is being enabled.

Your network registration is complete, and you should have access to the internet.

If you are still having issues, find a device that is already connected and submit a Web Help Desk ticket. 

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