50-37 Employee Reporting

The school must report wages per employee and amounts paid per vendor.  This is completed through 50-37 reporting.

  • Report: 50-37
  • Timing: Mid November
  • Receives Request/Responsible for Delivery: Business Office
  • Responsible for Pulling Data: Glenbard Technology
  1. State Reporting > Reports > 50-37 Employee Data (Glenbard)
  2. Download the report
  3. Use a listing of paycode categories from HR to determine which pay records are licensed versus non-licensed.
  4. Run a two pivots on that information: licensed and non-licensed.
  5. Copy the results of the pivots into a new tab and use a formula like this one to assign ranges to each employees licensed and non-licensed pays:  =IF(B2<25000,”Under $25,000″,IF(B2<40001,”Between $25,001 – $40,000″,IF(B2<60001,”Between $40,001 – $60,000″,IF(B2<90001,”Between $60,001 

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