PowerSchool Contacts

Contacts in PowerSchool is a new way to look at student contacts.  Students can have an unlimited number of contacts. This allows parents and staff to add all the contacts that a student needs. Another feature of contacts is that one contact can belong to multiple students, allowing for the changes to happen across all students.

When working with contacts, each student can have flags marked to indicate their relationship. Currently, Glenbard uses the custody, lives with, and emergency flags. The remaining flags are not used currently.

Each contact can have an unlimited number of phone numbers and emails.

The last contact feature is each student has a relationship history. This allows staff to review past relationships with a contact.

Using Contacts

There is a Contacts link on the student’s page. The contacts screen will list all current contacts related to a student. The order of the list is important. The order will affect how a contact is pulled using data access tags.  Details on the data access tag are available here Contacts Data Access Tags.

Adding a new contact

  1. Log in to PowerSchool
  2. Choose a student
  3. Click Contacts
  4. Click Add
  5. In the side drawer, search for the contact
    1. Make sure to check include inactive
    2. Make sure to uncheck only show access accounts
  6. If a match is found,
    1. Check the matching contact(s)
    2. Choose the relationship
    3. Click submit
    4. Click the pencil for the new contact
    5. Add any appropriate flags and notes
    6. Done!
  7. If there is no match, click New Contact
  8. Fill out the contact information
    1. There should be at least one phone number
  9. Click the pencil next to the student’s name
  10. Add any appropriate flags and notes
  11. Click submit at the button

Editing Contact

Contacts can be found either by looking up an attached student or on the contact tab.

  1. Either:
    Search for a student with the contact>click contacts>click the contact’s name
    Click the Contact tab and search for the contact. Then click the contact’s name
  2. Editing Phone numbers and emails can be done under the phone and email sections
  3. To change the relationship or flags do the following.
    1. Find the student
    2. Click the pencil
    3. Do NOT edit the active student details
    4. Click the All tab
    5. Add an end date to the current details
    6. Click Add Details
    7. Fill in the Start Date
      1. It should be the date after the previous update
    8. The end date should not be filled in
    9. Check the appropriate flags
    10. Click Submit
  4. Click Submit at the bottom of the contacts

Removing a Contact

Normally contacts at not deleted from students. Instead, their relationship is ended. This allows for a history of contacts.

  1. Log in to PowerSchool
  2. Search for the student
  3. Click  Contacts
  4. Find the contact that needs to be removed
  5. Click the pencil
  6. On the active tab, fill in the end date. This will remove the contact from the student and keep the history.
  7. Click Submit

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