New Student Registration – Data Department Review

After a new student is checked and confirmed for residency, the data department will then review the new student and add any additional data.

Data will follow the below steps to deliver the student into PowerSchool and adjust any data properly:

  1. Data received an email that a student is approved
  2. Log into
  3. Change the View to Pending Delivery
  4. Find the student(s) and check the box to be delivered
  5. Click Tasks
  6. Click Deliver Data
    1. If a Submission Deliver Data, a popup appears click continue.
    2. This means that the last batch was not closed out or delivered.
  7. Click Create Delivery Batch
  8. Click Close
  9. Click Expand All
  10. Add the Student ID number to the Student_number field
  11. Click Match
    • PowerSchool Registration will look into PowerSchool and try to find any matches
  12. If there were multiple students selected, click the right arrow and repeat steps 9 and 11
  13. Once all the students have been reviewed, click the Deliver Record
  14. Then click Close Delivery Batch link at the right
  15. Email the necessary leads in the building that a student(s) have been delivered.
  16. Log into PowerSchool
  17. Search for the student number
  18. Click on the PS Registration page
  19. Fill in Counselor, Dean, Locker, and Set up web access
  20. Data will then email the Access information to the leads in the school and the parent’s email, if supplied.

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