New Student Registration – Staff Review

When a parent has completed the online registration process (either done at home or in the school), the school leads will review the residency documents in PowerSchool registration and approve the student using this portal – ( An email will be sent to the leads in the school. Below is a step by step process for the school leads.

When a staff member receives an email, follow the directions below:

  1. Log into
  2. Click New Students Registration
  3. Click Submission Workspace
  4. Change the View to Pending Approval and Filter to your school
  5. Find the student that needs review
  6. Click the Edit Link to the right 
  7. Scroll Down and look for Uploaded Documents
    • If there are no documents you can email the parent to remind them they need to bring in Residency Documents.  Please include this link in the email
    • You can use the Mother and/or Father emails
    • If there is any issue with residency documents, Check the Administrative Follow-Up under tags. Using email the APSS with the student(s) name.
  8. If the residency is confirmed Click Residency Confirmed in the tags. If residency is not confirmed, choose residency denied.
    • Due to limitations of the system, this does not check the residency confirmed box in PowerSchool.
  9. Once the parent is present in the school, the residency is confirmed, and the Administrative Follow-up tag is not checked, Click the Approve and Continue 
    • If the parent fills out the forms online, do not click Approve and Continue until the parent comes to the school.
    • Once the student has been approved in PowerSchool registration, Guidance staff should create a temporary folder for the student. The enrollment checklist of paperwork still applies.
  10. The data department continues the process after a student has been approved.
  11. After data has delivered the student into PowerSchool, the staff member who verified residency will go into PowerSchool and check off residency.

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