Every year, each student must have residency verified electronically or by a guardian.

Electronic Verification

Each spring students in grades 8-11 and select returning seniors will have their residency electronically verified for the upcoming school year using a 3rd party vendor. Residency within the Glenbard District 87 boundary is also verified. APSS will send a letter to the families that did not verify in mid May. Those families that were unable to electronically verify will need to manually submit documentation to support their residency by mid June before the registration process begins. Each APSS will receive a report from the assistant to the director of buildings and grounds for any student residence that does not match the school they are enrolled in (example: enrolled at Glenbard West but reside in Glenbard North boundary).

Verifying Paperwork

  1. Consult the APO or other subject matter experts at your building for specific requirements regarding residency verification.

Updating Residency in PowerSchool

  1. Select the student that needs to have residency confirmed in PowerSchool.
  2. From the navigation menu on the left click Addresses under Information
  3. Near the bottom of the screen, click the Residency Confirmed checkbox
  4. Click the Submit button


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