Discipline Log entry-ISBE

Per ISBE requirements discipline incidents related to in school suspension, out of school suspension, and expulsions must be reported to the state. Discipline entries are exported to ISBE from the district IT department weekly throughout the school year As of January 2015 ISBE added an optional incident case ID (Number created by the school districts, unique to the serving school, that ties multiple students to one discipline incident). In addition, Disciplinary incident type codes,disciplinary action codes, and disciplinary duration codes have been updated. For more information regarding code definitions please visit: https://www.isbe.net/Pages/SIS-Data-Elements-approved-codes-and-indicators.aspx /student discipline category.

Powerschool entry -If the log entry consequence =1-3 day suspension/4-10 day suspension/RIA/BIA/Expulsion the ISBE section at the bottom of the page must be entered.

ISBE section– If there are 2 incidents of the same type on the same day you must increment the incident number

for each occurrence. Incident case ID is optional.

logent 3

Only use codes 08-99 for the Incident type.  Obsolete Codes should not be selected.


Use codes 1-4 or 99 for disciplinary action.

logent 4

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