Withdrawing a Student

When a student is withdrawing from a school, the Guidance Office must provide a completed Withdrawal Notification to the building’s Data Specialist. When the completed form is provided, the student can be withdrawn in PowerSchool.with form

Withdrawing a student is a multiple step process:

  1. First you will make changes by clicking Modify Schedules.
  2. Second you will make changes by clicking Functions.

Drop the Student Schedule:

  1.  Verify/change the Effective Date at the top of the page
  2. Click the Drop All button at the bottom of the page

Process the Transfer:

  1. Click Functions from the navigation menu
  2. Click either Transfer Out of School or Transfer to Another School

Note: If you are transfering the student to another Glenbard school, you must send a Web Help Desk ticket to the district technology staff member responsible for state reporting.

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