Student enrollment transfers-Semester

Due to ISBE requirements, Glenbard must follow specific procedures when transferring students in-district in order to be compliant with state requirements. The following details the procedure for transferring students at semester.

Semester transfers may include a student transfer from one Glenbard high school to another, Off Campus Full-time to Off Campus Part-time, Off campus part-time return to home school full-time.


When transferring students at the semester change, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Encourage student to begin the paperwork process at the new school.
  2. After the last day of attendance in the semester the student enrollment can be changed.
  3. The registrar for the school transferring a student to another Glenbard school will submit a webhelp ticket for the enrollment change.
  4. The assistant to the Off Campus Facilitator will submit webhelp tickets for off campus enrollment changes.
  5. Student grades are posted to transcripts for any courses that were active 10 instruction days prior to the end of the semester (does not include finals).
    1. Teachers can access dropped students in their grade book to maintain grades.

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