Semester Graduate Procedure

The following procedures must be followed when a student graduates at the end of first semester.

Before Graduation the Registrar must:

  1. Finalize Semester graduate list. Submit to counselors for verification.
  2.  Notification to teachers, Semester graduate list.
  3. Letters sent to potential Semster graduates with last day of attendance information.

After Graduation the Registrar must:

  1. Mark the student as IL_graduate (Powerschool-Registrar page)
  2. Enter Grad Date of the last day of semester 1  -(Powerschool-Registrar page)
  3. Process Attendance Labels for Semester Grads before they are exited  in Powerschool.  ALSO NOTE TO CHANGE THE EXIT DATE on the labels TO Semester GRAD DATE (i.e.12/22/2017) BEFORE PRINTING THE LABELS FROM THE ADA/ADM REPORT IN POWERSCHOOL.
  4. Complete transcripts
  5. Request via Web Help to IT Dept/state reporting- Send semester 1 grades to ISBE/Excel attachment with Semester graduate student number and name
  6. After semester grades are submitted to ISBE, submit webhelp ticket to data specialist for exit enrollment.

Data Specialist :

  1. Check to see if the student has a semester 2 schedule.  If so, drop the courses before exiting the student. Course start/end dates must be within the student’s exit date. (Be sure to be in All-Year Term in the top right corner).
  2. Process the exit with an exit date of the last day of semester 1, exit code 06(Graduated), exit comment=Semester Graduate.Update Sched Setup in Powerschool with next grade =99;next school = graduated school (student will remain inactive in their high school until system rollover in July at which time they will be moved to the graduated school.)

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