Screening Completion

Nursing staff can run a report to determine which students have completed different health screenings.

To Get There:

  1. From the PowerSchool start page, click Extended Reports under the Functions heading on the left side.
  2. Click on the Health tab.
  3. Click on Screening Completion, under the Screenings heading.

Running the Report:

  1. The report default is to show students regardless of IEP status.  To see only IEP students check the checkbox marked Show Only IEP.
  2. The report default is to show all grade levels.  To run the report for only one grade level, select a grade level from the Year Of drop-down box.
  3. The report default is to show all students regardless of screening status.  To see only students that did or did not have a screen for the year select the appropriate value from the Screening Status drop down menu.
  4. When all the settings have been set, click the Load Report button.

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