Immunization Compliancy Report

Nursing staff can run a report to determine which students are compliant or are not compliant for particular vaccines.

To Get There:

  1. From the PowerSchool start page, click Extended Reports under the Functions heading on the left side.
  2. Click on the Health tab.
  3. Click on Immunization Compliancy, under the Immunizations heading.

Running the Report:

  1. The report default is to only show non-compliant students.  To see both non-compliant AND compliant students, uncheck the checkbox marked Show Only Non-Compliant.
  2. The report default is to only show active students.  To also see inactive students, check the checkbox marked Show Inactive Students
  3. The report default is to show all grade levels.  To run the report for only one grade level, select a grade level from the Year Of drop-down box.
  4. Select a vaccine from the Vaccine drop-down box.
  5. When all the settings have been set, click the Load Report button.

There are five key parts to the results that will load in this report.

  1. Directly below the settings of the report are the rules currently programmed in the system.  If the state has changed these rules, open a PowerSchool Web Help Desk ticket to have them updated.
  2. The first column in the results is the student ID.  This is actually a link that can be clicked to open the students immunizations page.
  3. The students date of birth is listed for reference.
  4. The 2nd to last column is the total number of doses of that vaccine that the student has received.
  5. If the student is non-compliant, the last column will list the reason why that student is non-compliant.

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