Academic Letter

Academic letters are awarded annually to students who have a 4.8 or higher semester 1 GPA maintained through quarter 3.

End of 3rd Quarter– After grade deadline for teachers (see grading calendar)


Run at the school level

Change term to Semester 2

Query all active students or run one grade level at a time

Choose quick export

Export the following fields:





*gpa method = “Weighted” Term = “S1” Year = “2016”                               This example is for the 16-17 school year.

*gpa method = “Academic Letter-S2 GPA”

Compare GPAS; Any student who has a 4.80 or higher in both terms earns an Academic letter.

For a list of students that qualified/received an Academic Letter, please reach out to your building’s staff that manage the delivery of these letters.

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