Mass Comm Guardian Search

This document provides details on searching for parents as well as instructions on running the Mass Comm Guardian Search when minimal guardian data is provided for a search.

Guardian Mass Communication Search

Use for District Wide Searches or When Minimal Guardian Data Provided

Sometimes guardians will contact the wrong school and/or provide very little contact information.  It is then up to the building staff to locate the guardian/student with the available data.  The Mass Comm Guardian Search can assist in tracking down guardians in situations like these.   If the student is at another school, please relay the email or ticket to the proper school. Also if the there are no results, the phone number or email may have already been changed.

  1. Click on Extended Reports from the navigation menu
  2. Click on the Functions tab
  3. Under Tools, click on Mass Comm Guardian Search
  4. Type in a phone number (using Glenbard format) or an email address and choose Phone or Email from the drop-down box
    1. You can input partial phone numbers but avoid searching on just area code or you will likely return the entire school body
    2. You may search for partial email addresses as well
  5. Click the Search button ()

The results will display in the section called Matching Records.   The results will display in 5 columns:

  • Student ID
  • Student Name
  • School
  • Matching FieldMatched Field Value=This gives you the full value of the match that the system found.  This will be helpful if you are only searching on part of an email address or phone number
    • If the match was found attached to a student record, the Matched Field will be the PowerSchool field name.
    • If the match was found inside of a guardian account, the Matched Field will tell you two things:
      • Whether the email found is the primary email on the guardian account or if it is listed as one of the Additional emails on the guardian account
      • The name of the guardian account with the matching email.  In the example below, the guardian account is named “sandra”
      • Please note that you cannot update email addresses that exist in a guardian account.  The guardian needs to log in to change those.

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