How to Switch Terms & Between District and Schools

Many functions in PowerSchool differ depending on whether the user is viewing the district or viewing a particular school. Note: Adjusting the Term in the upper right follows the same process as adjusting the selected school.

  1. In the upper left hand corner is the word School in blue. See below.
  2. To the right of the word School is your current view.
    1. “District Office” is the district.
    2. Each high school is listed out separately.
    3. Each middle school is listed separately. (Only for next year’s 9th graders)
    4. There is also a “Graduated Students” school for past students
  3. Hover over the word School and click on it like a link.
  4. This will cause a drop down to appear.
  5. Click the drop down menu and all of the schools listed in step 2 that are available to the current user will be listed in the drop-down.
  6. Click on a school to change to that school. PowerSchool will reload with the settings of your selection.

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