Roles & Access in PowerSchool

What is PowerSchool? Who can access it? How does the person’s role change the data that they can work with?

PowerSchool is a web-based application that all users can access through a web-browser at any time.  PowerSchool is Glenbard’s primary student information system for storing student records and details.

Administrators (access through > PowerSchool for Administrators button or

  • View, add, and change student and staff information
  • Enroll students and adjust schedules
  • Print reports

Teachers (access through > PowerSchool for Teachers button or

  • Submit attendance
  • Manage seating charts
  • View student information
  • Enter grades

Subs (

  • Submit attendance
  • View seating charts

Parents (

  • Manage student demographic and contact information
  • View help videos and documents
  • View student grades
  • View student attendance
  • Pay school fees
  • View student graduation progress

Students (

  • View grades
  • View attendance
  • View student graduation progress

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