Quality Check Master Schedule Fields

Any errors in the setup of the master schedule can lead to errors in numerous student schedules across the school, issues with attendance reporting to the state, and errors with stored grades. This article discusses a data download of the master schedule which must be reviewed by the building’s Data Specialist for quality control.

  1. Click System from the navigation menu
  2. Click Direct Database Export (DDE)
  3. Change the Current Table drop-down to Sections (3)
  4. Under the Search Sections heading change the first drop-down to TermID
  5. In the textbox, to the right of TermID, enter in the current termID
  6. Click the Search all #### records in this table button
  7. Click the Export Records link
  8. Export the following fields:
    1. Course_Number
    2. Section_Number
    3. [2]course_name
    4. [5]Lastfirst
    5. Exclude_ADA
    6. ExcludeFromStoredGrades
    7. GradeScaleID
    8. ExcludeFromGPA
    9. ExcludeFromClassRank
    10. ExcludeFromHonorRoll
    11. MaxCut
    12. Exclude_State_Rpt_YN
    13. Max_Load_Status


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