Scan Receipts to Your Computer

Scan Receipts to Your Computer

Submitting expense reimbursements or p-card transactions through Skyward requires scanning and uploading receipts.  The traditional method has been to scan the receipt at a copier, email the receipt to your FirstClass account, and then...

pcards chrgBck

Charging P-Cards to Activity Funds

P-Card activity is submitted through Skyward, however activity & convenience funds are not found in Skyward.  Instead, p-card holders will submit activity to a clearance account, and the bookkeeper will handle the transfer of...

view W2

Viewing Your W-2

W2s from 2014 or later can be viewed through Employee Access.  Note: You must know your social security number and be able to view PDF files in order to view your W2 through Employee...


Summer School in Acorn

Summer School Principals and Secretaries can look up student account balances and run fee reports by building in Acorn.