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Charging P-Cards to Activity Funds

P-Card activity is submitted through Skyward; however, activity & convenience funds are not found in Skyward.  Instead, p-card holders will submit activity to a clearance account, and the bookkeeper will handle the transfer of...

Don’t Want Your PO Mailed?

Sometimes purchasers do not want a PO mailed because they might be ordering off a website and the PO could cause a duplicate order. Click the link below to prevent a PO from being...

eCommerce Purchase Orders

Instead of entering a blanket PO and then ordering from a vendor’s website, Office Depot can integrate directly with Skyward and create a PO for the exact amount of your purchase.

Navigator: Employees Won’t Be Reported Email

Navigator: Employees Won’t Be Reported Email

New hires/rehires with hire dates within the the last month will be uploaded to Navigator by the Technology department. Active employees hired greater than one month, who are not flagged as being in the...