Business Office: Vendor Address Changes

Whether a vendor needs an address changed or just needs a different payment versus ordering address, addresses can be managed through a very similar process in Vendor Profile.

  1. Go to Vendor > Vendor Profile > Addresses
  2. Click Add Address
  3. Begin typing the address in the Address field and select the address if it already exists in the system.
    1. If not, click Add Address.
    2. Fill out any remaining fields that you had not previously entered and click Save New Address.
  4. In most cases for vendors you will want to use the select all function for the type of address.
    1. However, if you just need to a add a secondary payment address, check only the Remit To box; or only Order From for a secondary ordering address.
  5. Click Save.
  6. If you selected all address types, you will get a warning that you will delete the other address. Click Save again.