Business Office: Void/Reissue Checks

Void a Check

If a check should not have been written or needs changes and will need to be re-written, a check can be voided.

  1. Go to Accounts Payable > Void Accounts Payable Run
  2. Click Add Void Accounts Payable Run near the upper-right.
  3. Fill in all fields and uncheck Will Create ACH
  4. Click Save & Select Void Checks
  5. Check the check(s) to be voided.
  6. Click Save & Update Invoices
  7. Click Next, click Next, click Next, and click Run Process
  8. Click Accounting Register and click Close.
  9. Click Accounts Payable Update and click Run Process and Close.
  10. If the voided check needs to be reissued, follow these steps:
    1. In the Void Accounts Payable Run, click the Check Transactions tab on the left.
    2. Click the down-arrow next to the check that needs to be reissued.
    3. Click Recreate Invoices.
    4. After processing the recreate process, the new invoice will be in Unsubmitted status in the Invoice List. You can make any necessary changes prior to saving the invoice for payment.

Reissuing Checks

If a check was lost in the mail and just needs to be reissued, there is no need to reverse accounting and reenter the accounting. The check can be reissued with a new check number.

  1. Go to Accounts Payable
  2. Click Reissue Accounts Payable under Utilities
  3. Select the AP run that the check is a part of.
  4. Choose Individual Select
  5. Choose Reissue with New Check Number
  6. If the date check date needs to be changed, use the Check Date Override otherwise set that date to the original date of the check.
  7. Click Next
  8. Select the check(s) and click Next
  9. Click Next and Print Checks