Summer School in Rycor

Summer School Principals and Secretaries can look up student account balances and run fee reports by building in Rycor.

Print a List of Students with Fee Detail (All Fees or One Fee)

  1. Click on Student Reports.
  2. Click on Student Fee Assessments.
  3. In the 2nd drop-down under Student Group, click Homeroom
  4. Then click on the school.
  5. To only print students with balances owed, change the Due filter to > 0.
  6. Change the Fee Years drop-down to the current year to exclude students that still owe from prior years.
  7. To only see one fee, choose One Fee from the Fees to Include drop-down. Then select a Fee.
  8. Click the Preview button to get a PDF or the Print button to print immediately.

Print Account Statements in Mass

  1. Click on Student Reports.
  2. Click on Student Account Statement.
  3. In the 2nd drop-down under Student Group, click Homeroom
  4. Then click on the school.
  5. To only print statements for outstanding students, change the Due filter to > 0.
  6. In the Fee Years drop-down, choose the current year in order to exclude students who still owe from prior years.
  7. Click the Preview button to get a PDF or the Print button to print immediately.

Looking Up Students

  1. Click on Find Student in the upper-left to pull up a list of students.
  2. Type an ID or name in the blank row, under the headings, to filter the list of students. (The HR column is school building.)
  3. Double-click on a student to pull up his/her records.
  4. The student’s Fees are list in the middle of the page with Paid in green,Waived in pink, and at the right amounts still Due.
  5. Click the History – Date tab to view a history of the account or click Account Statement to print a statement.

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