Adding a Fee to a Student

Bookkeepers can add optional purchases, like yearbook and activity pass, and building level items like fines and parking passes. If a bookkeeper believes that any automatically assigned fees need to be added, like course fees or textbook rental, he/she must contact IT using the Web Help Desk request type “District Wide Financial System Support.”Student Center > Find Student > Double-Click Student > Add

For ‘Manual Add’ or ‘Optional’ Fees, the Fee is not automatically added to a Student, so the User must add the Fee to the Student manually.

From the specific Student Account:

  1. Click the Add menu item from the side bar menu to open the ‘Add Fees to Student’ window.
    • Fees highlighted in yellow are already on the Student’s account
  2. Double-click on the Fee(s) to be added. The Fee(s) selected for addition can be individually customized.
  3. Click the OK button.

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