Removing Fees from a Payment Plan

Individual items can be removed from a payment plan if required.  Typically, fees should only be removed from a payment plan if the parent is making a full payment for that fee or the fee is going to be removed from the account.

  1. Open the student account
  2. If the fees being removed from the payment plan are going to be dropped, wait until the end of this process before dropping them.
  3. Click Reallocate Paid
  4. Scroll through the fees in the Transfer Source table until you find the fee(s) to be removed.
  5. In the Transfer OUT column type the full amount that you found in the Paid column.
  6. Hit the Enter key on your keyboard.
  7. On the right of the Transfer Source table is a number that represents how much money is being transferred off the plan. It is titled Transfer OUT.
  8. Divide the Transfer OUT amount by the number of remaining Payment Plan Installments.
  9. In the Transfer Destination table, type the result from step 7 into the Transfer IN column of each of the Payment Plan Installments
  10. Click OK

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