Email Addresses Used by the Billing System

Periodically, emails are sent from the billing system, “Rycor”, such as account statements.   There are a specific rules used for determining the emails that will be used when sending notices from the billing system.

  • There’s a max of 50 characters in the Rycor email field so we’ll put in as many as fit; typically 1 or 2.
  • All “Has Custody” contacts will be pulled from PowerSchool unlimited contacts.
  • This list will then be ordered by Data Access (meaning the contact has a PowerSchool guardian account) and then Contact Priority.
  • Then from this list, we’ll pull from the top of the list.


  • If custody Contact 1 does not have Data Access but custody Contact 2 does, then Contact 2 gets pulled first; then Contact 1.
  • If there are two custody contacts that either both don’t have data access or both do have data access, then Contact 1 gets pulled first; then Contact 2

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