IMRF PA 97-0609

Glenbard has written a report in Skyward to pull the IMRF PA 97-0609 information. Before running the report, make sure the selected system year matches the desired reporting year.

  1. Click Employee > Employee Profile. The selected employee doesn’t matter.
  2. In the upper-left next to the Skyward logo, change the Fiscal Year to the desired reporting year.
  3. Click State Reporting
  4. Under the Reports heading, click IMRF PA 97-0609
  5. Reviewing the Clothing Allowances, Travel Stipends, and Bonuses selected. Update these lists if anything is missing.
  6. Note: The insurance benefits are hardcoded into this report. If new insurance deductions or benefits have been added, contacted IT to update this report.
  7. Click Run Report