Requesting Time Off

Teachers and other staff that have positions that can be filled by substitutes must continue to request all time off through Frontline.

For non-teachers, their personal, sick, and vacation time is all submitted through Employee Access to be approved by a manager.  Once approved, the time is immediately reflected in Employee Access.

NOTE: If you  have COVID symptoms, please use the Time Off Type “SICK” and Time Off Reason “Flu – Illness with flu-like symptoms”.

  1. In Employee Access, click the Request Time Off tile.
  2. Click the Add Time Off Transaction button near the top-right.
  3. Transactions defaults to Single Day.  If this is a multi-day absence change the transaction to Date Range.
  4. Select a Start Date.  For multi-day absences, select an End Date.
  5. Select your Assignment.
  6. Choose a Time Off Type from the drop-down: Personal, Sick, Vacation.
  7. From the Time Off Reason, drop click Used – Time Requested.
  8. For a Partial Day absence, change the Hours, Start Time, and End Time. IMPORTANT: STAFF MUST CHANGE ALL THREE FIELDS.  Start/End Time are informational only that let the supervisor know when staff will be out.  The Hours field controls how much will be deducted from time off balances.
  9. Click the Save button.

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