Checking an Employees Timesheet Approval Status

Timesheets go through approval via supervisors and depending on the particular work performed, there may be additional layers of approval such as a grant manger. Finally, the last level of approval is the Payroll Coordinator who will approve the timesheet before pulling it into the payroll process.

  1. Menu > Time Tracking > Supervised Employees
  2. Locate the employee and open their record using the arrow on the left ().
  3. Determine if it is unsubmitted or submitted.
    1. If the week is in the upper table, it is unsubmitted. Contact the employee and have them open up their Unsubmitted Timesheets Weeks tile. From there, they can submit the week.
    2. If the week is in the bottom table, the timesheet has been submitted. Check the Status column.
      1. If the status column is Approved, it has been paid or will be paid on the next payroll within a few days.
      2. If the status column is Waiting for Approval, then drill into the record to see who it is pending with.
        1. Open the record with the arrow on the left ().
        2. Click the Approval Process link on the left. From here the pending approval steps can be seen at the top and the already approved steps at the bottom. The last approval step is Payroll. The Payroll department will approve timesheets shortly before the payroll checks are processed.