50-37 Vendor Reporting

The school must report wages per employee and amounts paid per vendor.  This is completed through 50-37 reporting.

  • Report: 50-37
  • Timing: Mid November
  • Receives Request/Responsible for Delivery: Business Office
  • Responsible for Pulling DataBusiness Office
  1. Click Vendor > Reports
  2. Click Unformatted Paragraph.
  3. There is a report for each grouping.  For each report:
    1. Click the Edit button.
    2. Change the Fiscal Year.
    3. Click the Save and Print button.
  4. Click the Back button.
  5. Click View/Save Unformated Paragraph ASCII Files.
  6. For the last four saved reports
    1. Select one
    2. Click the View button.
    3. Copy the data and past it into one Word document adding headings as needed.

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