Entering an Absence

All teachers can enter absences into Aesop, which will locate and schedule substitutes.

  1. Go to Frontline and enter your ID and PIN.
  2. Under Create Absence, click on the calendar to select the day(s) of absence.
  3. Substitute Required
    1. Flip the Substitute Required switch to No for the following reasons
      1. If the absence is for 2 or fewer classes, regardless of if a substitute is needed or not
      2. If no substitute is required
    2. Flip the Substitute Required switch to Yes if BOTH of the following are true
      1. A sub is required
      2. The absence is for 3 or more classes
  4. Select an Absence Reason from the drop-down
  5. Enter the Time for the absence
  6. Enter Notes to the Administrator for all absences other than time-off.  (Notes are important for the approval process.)
    1. APAs will receive notes for an athletic release.
    2. APIs will receive notes for professional development.
    3. Department Chairs will receive notes for all other absences.
  7. Enter Notes to Substitute if desired
  8. If you have a lesson plan or other documents to share with the sub, drag a file from your desktop to the File Attachments in the box labeled “Drag and Drop Files Here.”
  9. Click Create Absence

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