Viewing Absences & the Approval Status

Teachers can view all absences that have been entered into Aesop and determine their status in the approval process.

Go to aesoponline and enter your ID and PIN.

To view absences that have already been entered click on the tabs next to Create Absence

  • Scheduled Absences
  • Past Absences
  • Denied Absences

Scheduled Absences

  • All absences entered into Aesop scheduled for the future are listed on this tab.
  • Absences will be listed as Approved or Unapproved.

Past Absences

  • All absences in the past will be listed out with details such as day, time, confirmation number, and substitute.

Denied Absences

  • If an absence is denied by the APA/API/DC, these absences will be listed under Denied Absences.

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