Graduation Cohort ISBE

At the end of each school year after student enrollments are exited at the state level (end of June) the ISBE SIS graduation cohort reports must be reviewed and edited as necessary. Each building registrar can run reports for students in SIS that graduated in 4 -7 years from the original cohort. (This process is also used for Semester Graduate verification purposes).

Students in the promoted group must be reviewed and updated if a more recent exit code is found.  This will increase our graduation rate.

In addition, all Graduates must be verified. 

The adjusted cohort graduation rate will be calculated based on SIS data.

  • Because the related information will be derived from student information, the

accuracy of data reported to SIS becomes even more significant. The adjusted

cohort graduation rate will be calculated based on student enrollments and upon

proper identification of Enrollment Exit Codes.

  • The Cohort Enrollment Exit Type Code is essential in providing an accurate

measure of high school graduation data. The Cohort Enrollment Exit Type Code

is initially set to the student’s general Enrollment Exit Type Code, but it can be

updated (as appropriate) through the related online screens.

  • Cohort Enrollment Exit Type Codes fall into 3 categories (Graduates,

Non-Graduates, and “Removed from Cohort”) that are used in calculating the

adjusted cohort graduation rate.

Any changes in student exit codes must be submitted along with proof of local evidence for the change in Webhelp to the IT admin for state reporting. All supporting documentation must be attached to the ticket. (Summer Graduates, Graduation status change, Promotion status change)

ISBE Deadline for adjustments is typically mid-August. In addition, the student must be exited in Powerschool(data specialist) with the proper exit code/reason/and transferred to the proper school if applicable. The registrar must update the registrar page in Powerschool for any graduate adjustments.

After changes have been completed, run the ISBE report -Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rate by Exit Type (Detail) and verify data.

isbe cohort 1

isbe cohort 2

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