Enroll a Student After School Has Ended and Before EOY

When students are added to PowerSchool after the school year has ended but before end-of-year (EOY) processing has taken place, these students need to be entered in a very specific manner in order for them to roll into the new year appropriately.

10-12th Graders
If the student is going to be a 10-12 for the coming school year.
1. Enroll the student in the school the will be attending in the fall
2. Enroll them with the date of 8/1 of the coming school year
3. Enroll the student the the grade level they will be in for the coming school year
4. Fill out the schedule setup
These students will be inactive preregistered.  To pull these students you will need a backlash.  If they will appear in PowerScheduler like normal.

Incoming 9th grader
If the student is going to be an incoming 9th grader
1. Enroll the student in the middle school
2. Enroll them with the current date
3. Setup the schedule setup
4. Put in a WHD ticket to make them active
These students act like any other incoming 9th grade in the middle school

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