Course Request Screens

Course request screens are the way for a counselor or other staff member to enter requests for a student.  These screens are a guide to help enter, limit the types of courses, and number of courses a grade level can request.

The course request screens are controlled from PowerScheduler.   For a step-by-step description, please go here.

  1. Log into PowerSchool
  2. Click PowerScheduler (if available)
    • Access to PowerScheduler is not available to all staff members.
    • To gain access please request access from you APO
  3. Click on Screen setup

The next screen will be a list of grade levels on the left menu.  Each grade level has their own distinct screen. The grade level on the left side is the screen is the grade level a student will be going into next year.

Once you click on a grade level you will see a screen like the one below.  On this screen you will be able to set whether a grade level can register for classes, edit existing requirements, delete exisiting requirements, and add additional requirements.  Also on this screen you can type a message to students (for online requesting) and set a max and min of the number of credits a student or staff member can submit.

Screen Setup

There are three types of requirement screens. Below is the table describing what and how a requirement screen could be used.  All three screens look similar.

Requirement Screen Description/Use
Single Course Requirement  Use this option if student/staff need to select a singe course, such as an elective, a singleton, AP/Health/Driver’s ed, etc
Multi-Course Requirement Use this option for year long courses or when more then one course can be selected, such as multiple electives, or PE
Core Requirement Use this option to automatically add all the coures in the the choosen course group. This is useful for requesting lunch or health. Students/staff will not be able to uncheck these courses.

Core Requirement

Field Description
Requirement Name Name of the requirement such as Math.  This will Title on the request screen
Description/Instuctions Instructions for the staff/students appears on the both the initial request

screens and the requirement screen.

List of valid courses for this item The course group that contains the possible coursed to request.  For more information on course groups go here
Number of requests to generate per course This should always be one
Item sort order The order of the requirement screen appears on the request screen.

Single Course Requirement

The single course requirement includes the core course fields and the below additional fields

Field Description
Must student select a course from the pop-up or may they leave it blank If this requirement is manditory or not
essage to display if the student is required to select a course, but they leave it blank instead If the above field is set to “Must select one”,this message will appear if a course is not selected.  If left blank the following will appear “You did not select a course for this requirement: [requirement name]”
Request Type Elective: Not a requirement

Alternate: Used if an elective request is not met. If you select Alternate, the system uses this request if it cannot schedule the student in a requested elective.

Required: Required course for this grade level

Multi-Course Requirement

The Multi-course requirement includes both the single course fields, core fields, and the fields below

Fields Description
Number of courses student must select to meet this requirement The student/staff  must select a number of courses between the min and the max.  If the course is a year long class, make the min at a mininium 2.  This will help to ensure that students/staff select at least two course, one for each semester.


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