Lunch Intervention Workflow

The traditional lunch intervention workflow will include students, all teachers, API/APSS, support staff, and deans.

The lunch intervention is based on a students grade and the teachers judgement.  Below is the process for everything to work properly.

  1. If a student begins to fail a class, the teacher should immediately add a comment in the gradebook for that student.
    • Each comment for a failing student should start with one of the predifined district resource comment
    • The resource comments are the comments with the “R” code.
    • Additional notes can be put after the resource comments
    • Detailed instructions
  2. The administration runs the Lunch Intervention Failure report.
    • This report will identify students failing at least one class
    • The report will contain the teacher comment which will help administration decide on student placement
    • Detailed instructions
  3. Once the students have been identified.  Each student will then have the check box check off in PowerSchool to indicate that the student will be attending lunch intervention
  4. Students will then be notified by the school that the student is to report to lunch intervention
  5. Student will then attend a resource area during there lunch hour.
  6. The staff running the resource area will then used the scanning ability in PowerSchool to scan in student id cards for attendance.
    • Duplicate scans will be removed
    • When the scanning is finished two lists will be generated, a red list and an green list
    • The red list will be to be copied and pasted into an email and sent to the attendance staff to be manually entered and checked
    • The green list is the list of students what will recieve a RES (Resource) mark for lunch
    • Detailed instructions
  7. At the end of the day, deans will run “Lunch Intervention Attendance” report to determine who did not attend lunch intervention for the current day
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 each day lunch intervention is happening

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