Special Education Fields

This article contains details on special education fields; definitions and where to find them in PowerSchool.

To locate these fields in PowerSchool:

  1. Open a student account
  2. Find the line in the navigation menu called IEP Info (for teachers) which is actually two separate links
    1. As an administrator or DC, click IEP Info – This will provide access to update all fields
    2. As teachers, click (for teachers) – This will provide access to update accomodation notes

Note: Both the IEP Info link and (for teachers) link give users the EXACT same data.  The only difference is that administrators can update all fields and teachers can only update the accomodation notes.

Field Title on the PowerSchool Page Who Can Update Description
se_program Special Education Program Instructional Level Special Ed Administrators Represents the type of special education program for a student.
IL_IEP Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Administrators Indicates whether or not the student has an individualized education program.  This field is used in state reporting.
accommodation_notes Additional Accomodation Notes Administrators & Teachers This group of notes provides direction for how best to teach and guide the student.

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