VersaTrans Import Guide

Data from PowerSchool is exporting using a template and then imported to VersaTrans, the bus routing software.


  1. Export active 9-12 graders from PowerSchool.
  2. Import students into VersaTrans (VT)
  3. The import process will automatically
    1. Add & update student data
    2. Mark VT students missing from the import for manual deletion
    3. Auto locate new & updated addresses
    4. Assign school/stop to new and updated addresses
    5. Perform a distance calculation
  4. After the import process is finished you must manually
    1. Update student programs in VersaTrans for new program enrollments from PS
    2. Move students to the Public program for special program disenrollments from PS
    3. Review & delete students marked for deletion
    4. Verify that special program students are not listed as riders; update if needed

Export Students from PowerSchool

  1. Open Data Export Manager.
  2. Go to My Templates
  3. Click VersaTrans Student Export.
  4. Click Next
  5. Click Next again
  6. Click Export
  7. Save the export as a CSV.


Import Students into VersaTrans

  1.  From the Option List, click Students
  2.  Click the Refresh button
  3.  Record the count of students in VersaTrans before the import.
  4. Make a note of the following information from the main page Routing & Planning Today:
    1. # of Unfulfilled Requests
    2. # of Unfulfilled Unscheduled Routes
    3. # of Student Error Listings
    4. # of Routes Overloaded
    5. # of Routes Underloaded
    6. # of Overtime
  5. From the Option List, click Import/Export
  6.  From the Import/Export menu, double-click ASCII Import/Export
  7. At the ASCII Import/Export menu, click on Student-Import to select it but do not double-click.
  8. With Student-Import selected, click the Import button.
  9. A new window will pop up and should default to the following settings:
    1. Processing Option: Change, but Add if New
    2. Student File: Students <current school year>
  10. Click the button on the Import File line to direct the system to your student export.
  11. Click the Import button.
  12. The Import button will grey out until the import is complete.
  13. The import will cycle through four cycles before completing.
    1. Adding and updating student information
    2. Auto locating new and updated addresses
    3. Assigning school/stop to new and updated addresses
    4. Performing a distance calculation
  14. After the import has completed make note of the following details:
    1. # of students added
    2. # of students marked for deletion
    3. # of students deleted (should be zero)
    4. # of records updated
    5. # of addresses updated
    6. # of records read
    7. # of student addresses deleted (should be zero)
  15. Once the above information has been recorded, click the Close button that will appear after the Import button is no longer greyed out.
  16. In the Option List, click Students.
  17. Update Student Programs in VersaTrans for New Program Enrollments
    1. From the Filter Name drop-down, select zMove to EO 1 and click the Refresh button.
    2. This will generate a list of any students listed as Open Enrollment in PowerSchool that are not in the Open Enrollment program in VersaTrans.
    3. Click Tasks, then Click Alter Listed Students
    4. Under Filter to alter, choose Program
    5. Under Value, choose Open Enrollment
    6. Click the Add to List button
    7. This moves the change to the Alter Fields List
    8. Click the Alter button
    9. A new window will pop-up.
    10. Click the Show All radio button, and click the Save button to save the processed records for reference.
    11. Click the Close button.
    12. Repeat 17a – 17L, except…
      1. Choose zMove to OE 2. Move these students to the Open Enrollment program.
      2. Choose zMove to Pub-FrOE. Move these students to the Public program.
      3. Choose zMove to Sep. Move these students to the SepTran program.
      4. Choose zMove to Pub-FrSep. Move these students to the Public program.
      5. Choose zAssign School/Stop.
        1. Instead of changing progress, choose Assign School/Stop from the Tasks Menu.
        2. Click the Execute button
    13. Go back to Routing & Planning and record the data points:
      1. # of Unfulfilled Requests
      2. # of Unfulfilled Unscheduled Routes
      3. # of Student Error Listings
      4. # of Routes Overloaded
      5. # of Routes Underloaded
      6. # of Overtime

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