Map Export

Map is also known as NWEA reports. There are two files, students and groups. Both files are accessible through PowerSchool, but they are created by


The file is created by the system.  Shelley Taylor downloads the file and then uploads the file manually to MAP.

Source Server: via

Process: Click Extended Reports>Function>MAP exports

Schedule: Unknown handled by Shelley Taylor

This export is contains student’s schedules that are enrolled in classes excluding NC,OC, TC, and DP courses.

Fields Exported:

  • school name of the section
  • (blank)
  • Teachernumber
  • teacher last_name
  • teacher First_name
  • teacher Middle_name
  • teacherloginig
  • teacher Email_addr
  • course_name
  • (blank)
  • student_number
  • student last_name
  • studetn first_name
  • student middle_name
  • student dob
  • gender
  • grade_level
  • student IL_fer

MAP Groups

The map group export lists students that are IEP, 504, title I, counselor, and Supplemental Educational Services (SES).  Each student will be list each time they appear in the a group.

Fields Exported:

  • student_number
  • group

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