PowerSchool Interaction with other Systems

PowerSchool communicates with several other systems. This is done in many ways (ftp, curl, sftp, flat files). Only the simplest exports are available within PowerSchool. PowerSchool can only handle exporting active students via ftp, flat file, and sftp. Any more complicated exports such as: only IEP students, first line contains an API key, or upload via curl, is done through a separate system. Below is a list of exports, where they are executed, and what transportation method is used.

System Transport Method Filename Schedule
FollettStudents/Staff SSIS Package StudentCombined.csv


Daily 12:00 AM
FollettSchedules SSIS Package StudentCourses.csv Sunday 11:30 PM
PlascoStudents FTP students.csv Daily 3:30 AM
PlascoSchedule FTP student_sched.csv MTWHF 3:30 AM
Netchemia – Students SFTP glenbard.txt (tab) Daily 12:01 AM
Naviance – Students cURL students.csv Daily 11:30 PM
Mastery ManagerStudents SFTP students.csv Daily 2:00 AM
Mastery ManagerSchedules SFTP schedules.csv Daily 2:20 AM
WebsmarttStudents FTP students.csv MTWHF 4:00 AM
WebsmarttStaff FTP staff.csv MTWHF 3:30 AM
MAPStudents Download  mapcombined.csv On Demand
MAPGroups Download  mapgroups.csv On Demand

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