Searching for Students

PowerSchool users can either browse to or search for a student or group of students.

Browsing is typically used to find any student from a large population.

Searching is typically used to find a very particular student or group of students.

Figure 2.2.1

  1. Type a search into the search bar, such as Smith. See figure 2.2.1 above.
  2. Click the search button ().
  3. After clicking one of the links, the webpage will reload with matching students. See figure 2.2.2 below. Note: The students on screen are now selected in PowerSchool and will remain selected until you select a new group of students.
  4. Use the selected students:
    1. Click on a particular student to view his/her account.
    2. Select a function from the drop down to perform some function on the entire group of selected students.

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