PowerPTC – Managing Student Conference Schedules

PowerPC allows the administration to help manage students conferences. The administration can schedule student, impersonate parent, and lock a conference

Finding a student/parent account

  1. Log into PowerPTC
  2. Click Users
  3. Click List Parent/Guardians
  4. Search for the parent account
    • Search by Parent name, emails and/or student

Locking a student schedule

If there is a need to stop a student from scheduling or making additional changes, the student schedule can be locked.

  1. Find the student that needs to be locked
  2. Click the edit icon ()
  3. Scroll down to the Students Section
  4. Find the students and click the unlock icon
  5. The unlock symbol will turn into a lock symbol and turn red.
  6. Repeat for all parent accounts

Scheduling a student

In PowerPTC allow the administration to impersonate a parent account and schedule the students

  1. Find the student that needs to be manually scheduled
    • Make sure to choose the correct parent account.
  2. Click the impersonate () icon
  3. Once impersonating the parent, the student can be schedule normally