PowerPTC – Manage Teacher Schedule and Settings

Teachers will be assigned a room and a schedule. The teachers will have the ability to make their own breaks. There may be a time when a schedule needs to be checked or modified.

Assigning Teachers/Staff a room

  1. Log into PowerPTC
  2. Click Configure
  3. Click Meeting Places
  4. Search for the teacher/staff
  5. If the teacher/staff does not appear, click the plus icon
  6. Fill out the following fields
    • Room
    • Floor number (1,2,3,4,5,6,7)
    • Sector set to 0
    • Location
    • Teacher
    • Click Advanced
    • Click the meeting types used this year
    • Set default to In-Person
    • For Covid:
      • Click on advanced
      • Uncheck Allow In Person Conferences
      • Check Allow Video Conferences
      • Set Default Meeting Type to Video Confernce
  7. Click Add
  8. If additional settings are needed, continue to the section

Adjusting Teacher settings/schedule

There are many settings that can be managed to help to schedule. This is where adjustments to schedules and rooms can be made. There is a list option below:

  1. Log into PowerPTC
  2. Click Configure
  3. Click Meeting Places
  4. Search for the teacher
    • If the teacher does not appear click the Add for All Teachers button
  5. Click the edit () button
  6. Below is a description of the different options
  • General
    • Room – Where the conference will meet
    • Room Description
    • Floor Number – do not adjust
    • Floor Description
    • Section – Do not adjust
    • Location – Which building this room in
    • Teacher – Which teacher it is assigned to
  • Advanced
    • Open Scheduling – If marked allows any student to schedule a conference with this teacher. For example Counselors, Psychologists, Deans, etc.
    • Open Scheduling Description
    • Meeting Length multiplier
  • Break Request – This will display what the teachers have requested for breaks. These requests will be converted to breaks.
  • Live Schedule – Displays the current schedule. This is also where breaks can be modified after break scheduling has ended.

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