Activity Account Pcard Transactions

Activity accounts are not part of the credit card module in Skyward which means the “Credit Card” tab on Account Profile will not be populated for activity accounts. Activity transaction are charged to “clearing accounts” and a report has been developed to search the activity on these the “clearing accounts”.

  1. Click the menu button.
  2. Accounts Payable > Reports > Activity Account Pcard Transactions.
  3. In the Account drop-down choose appropriate “clearing account”
    1. East Athletics: 10 A 001 1998
    2. East Non-Athletics: 10 A 001 1999
    3. North Athletics: 10 A 003 1998
    4. North Non-Athletics: 10 A 003 1999
    5. South Athletics: 10 A 004 1998
    6. South Non-Athletics: 10 A 004 1999
    7. West Athletics: 10 A 002 1998
    8. West Non-Athletics: 10 A 002 1999
  4. Enter a Begin Date and End Date to search. Note: Transactions on a credit card statement are from the 6th – 5th. On August 6th, Accounts Payable uploads the statement containing transactions from July 6th through August 5th.
  5. Enter a keyword in the Description field that would match your club/sport title. Before and after the keyword, type a % sign. Example: To search for tennis activity type %tennis%. Note: This is searching for the keyword in Description of the credit card transaction that the pcard user entered when completely their pcard statement.