FAQ of Parent Fee Questions for Back-To-School Week

Parents may have questions about payments during back-to-school week.  Many of these are questions do not need to be answered by a bookkeeper as long as staff have the answers available.  Here are those answers!

There are iPad charges on my statement. How can I get this removed since my student is bringing his/her own device?

The $85 Digital Curriculum Fee still applies for students who bring their own devices.  The $189 iPad Rental Fee can be removed.  Pay the total amount due less $189 dollars.  Initially, $189 will allocate to the iPad rental.  During back-to-school the student will fill out a form declaring he/she will bring his/her own device. Once the form is on file, the student’s account will be updated to reflect a BYO status. The iPad fee will be removed from your account and the $189 will be reallocated to appropriate fees.

What are my payment options?

Parents can pay online, by credit card, or electronic check. Parents must be logged into PowerSchool and click the “Student Fees” link.

  • Parents can pay in full before the due date.
  • Parents can pay partial amounts multiple times as long as they pay in full by the due date.
  • Parents can sign up for a 4-installment payment plan online.
  • Parents can apply for a waiver of fees with the APSS.

If the parent states that he/she can only pay in cash, the bookstore manager can take the payment and provide a receipt.

Can I make a partial payment?

Yes, parents can make partial payments. See full instructions in the “Parents Making Partial Payments

There is a Driver’s Ed fee an my account. How can this be removed since my student will take Driver’s Ed through an external company?

Pay the total amount due less $350.  Initially $350 will be allocated to the Driver’s Ed fee.   When school starts, the student may have his/her schedule adjusted by a counselor.  The Driver’s Ed fee will be removed from the student’s account at that time and the $350 reallocated to appropriate fees.

What is the textbook fine or library fine on my statement?

Textbook fines and library fines are on student statements but they are assessed by the bookstore managers and library staff.  Bookkeepers can tell if a fine was paid, but they cannot help answer questions about why a fine was assessed.  Bookstore managers can lookup the detail on why a textbook fine was assessed.  Librarians can look up the detail on why library fines were assessed.

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