ID Machine Download

  1. Make a folder on the desktop called ID Pics <year> Semester 1 (Or appropriate for the time frame you are working with.)
  2. Open the I-Depot software (ID software)
  3. Click on the File menu
  4. Hover over Administrator CD
  5. Click Export
  6. The Export Type should be set as 24 bit JPEG/ID Name
  7. Link by Subject ID (Can’t change)
  8. Export Options
    1. For Full List— Export all
    2. For Individual Student (Needs to be previously marked for export) select Marked for Export
  9. IMPORTANT-– Click on Advanced
  10. Leave all settings in the new window the same except for the Base Directory. This is where you will select the folder created in step 1
  11. Click Change next to Base Directory
  12. Navigate to the folder you created in step 1
  13. Double click to select it and then Click Open
    1. The base directory window will now show the path to your folder
  14. Click OK to start the run
    1. The Pop Up Window will begin scrolling through the exports. This takes time to export
  15. When complete you will see a small pop up report of number exported and number skipped.
    1. It is hard to tell why items were skipped or even which ones were skipped. Usually there is no student ID number, like for staff members.
  16. Open the folder you made on the desktop from step 1
    1. Inside you should see a folder called PHOTOS that has been created
    2. Inside the PHOTOS folder you should see all the ID picture files
  17. Open Google Drive
  18. Create a Folder called ID Pics <year> Semester 1 (Or appropriate for the time frame you are working with.)
  19. Share the Folder with John Jameson
  20. When the pictures are all loaded into the local desktop folder, drag/upload the folder into the shared google folder.
    1. Alternatively, you can simply drag your folder from the desktop into Drive first and then share that folder with John Jameson after it has uploaded.

NOTE: The upload to Google Drive takes time. You will need to leave this upload running for 10-15 minutes to capture all of the files. Be aware that this may tie up the ID machine for a bit.

Marking an individual student for export

  1. Open I-Depot software (ID software)
  2. Lookup the student in question so they show in the window
  3. Use the Records menu to select Marked for Export
  4. Follow the previously listed steps, but at Step 8 select Individual students as Marked for Export