Adobe Creative Cloud

How to sign in to Adobe Creative Cloud in order to use Adobe apps in 2021 and beyond.

Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) apps are designed for professional use and include apps such as:

Beginning in 2021, staff and students must use their Glenbard Google email and password to sign in and use Adobe CC apps. To get started, open any Adobe CC app.

Next, click on “Continue with Google” and sign in with your Glenbard Google email and password. (See below if there is already an account signed in.) Users should always do the “Continue with Google” option.

Sign in with your social account

If asked which type of account to use, select the “Enterprise ID: Company or school account”.

Someone else already has their account signed in. What should I do?

If you see an account signed in that is not yours, please SIGN OUT of the account immediately and sign in with your own Glenbard Google account. This can be done from any of the Creative Cloud apps, or from the CC Desktop app (see below).

From any CC app: Click on the Help menu at the top and choose ‘Sign Out’.
From the CC Desktop app: Click on the use profile picture in the top right and choose ‘Sign out’.

Creative Cloud Desktop app

The CC Desktop app can be used to install CC apps on the computer (for staff only), check your synced files from the Adobe cloud storage, and manage your Adobe account. The icon looks like this:

The app can be found in these locations:
Macs: In the upper right corner.
PCs: In the bottom right corner. You may need to click the arrow next to the clock to see the icon.