Graduated Searches in PowerSchool

You can search for students in PowerSchool and export data using field names, but there are also built inquiries and functions in PowerSchool to assist with searches and exports.

Graduated Students
While in Graduated Students you can search for your building’s students using the following search:

  • /graduated_schoolname contains east
  • OR /graduated_schoolname contains west
  • OR /graduated_schoolname contains north
  • OR /graduated_schoolname contains south

REMEMBER the “/” AND using /schoolid does not work since Graduated students are in schoolid 999999.

I have made a Stored Search for each building so you do not have to type this search in every time.
To access this change your building to “Graduated Students”.

  1. Click on the blue Stored Searched link under “Stored Options”.
  2. Find your school search “North Graduated Students” or “East Graduated Students”
  3. Click “Run Search”.
  4. PowerSchool will show the current student selection number.
  5. This screen gives you group function options to choose.

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